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If you know you know Guitar Ted and I have been doing a lot of Podcasting in the last year.  I can hear the improvements already.  I have my issues, and I tend to over speak Mark way more than I should.  In my defense, some pauses seem to be extraordinarily long and feels like dead air.  So I interject.  Then I listen back and I hear no pause  In the moment it seems like a life time has passed.

We chat over text messages about topics or subjects we are interested in or exploring.  That is how we develop our subjects for a show.  I have asked for and I really want to do a interview with a specific person that may be controversial.  But I am also ignorant to a lot of things, so maybe the time is never right for that interview, who knows?

 I do enjoy some of the feed back from the shows.  The ones I love is "not enough time spent on a topic".  I enjoy those comments.  I really want to say, you sir are correct that is intentional.  If we dove into topics fully, we would be a five hour podcast.  I do not think listeners want that, also our goal is to put one hour of content out twice a month, and on Thursday or Friday.

OOOOOps that is our secret sauce.  Guitar Ted and I did go on a recording rampage in December and January for reason.  After his shift of how we posted the RSS feed, we intentionally build up a lot of podcasts to build a back catalog, and re-establish a listener base.

We will see where this thing goes in the near future, so far we have had success, and thank you to all that listen and share.  The 2D bar code will take you to the apple podcast.  We are Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, AnchorFM, and Podcast 2.0 platforms.

Thank You & Godspeed



  1. I've managed to catch a few of these, keep up the good work. Lots of great Podcasts popping up in the last year or so.

  2. @Rydn9ers thank you. We are trying to be consistent now and not run out of material and not go down the shock value route. Keep it simple and put information out there for people to ponder.


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