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The Dave Roll Waterloo Christmas Light Ride on 29th of November

     Yes, we are starting a Waterloo Christmas ride. It is not intended to do anything other than be a reason to ride a bike a short distance and be around others. The length is a whopping 3 miles. To sum that is more miles than they have rode for the previous 10 years. That is the person I want there. If you want to bang out miles and demonstrate your cycling skills, there is a ride in Cedar Falls on the 5th of December for that.  I believe they are meeting up 6pm and leaving from Overmen Park. 

     When: 29 November 2023 @ 6pm

     Where: Kingsley Elementary School parking lot.  On the street parking is fine, look for No Parking sides.

     Route: Link Here on Strava App

     Ending: Lighthouse Lounge, bring a bike lock.   Parking is extremely limited, Also it is a Cash Only Bar.

     See what happens this year, and may be this grows, who knows.  I started the Cedar Falls one, and it has taken off.  I am not aware of a Waterloo one.  If one exists, my bad, not competing, just not aware.  

- Cheers and Season's Greetings.


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