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Post 29: I sit on the local bike collective board. And last week I took on the chair position for the board of "The Bridges Ride". It will be a family focus bike path ride that has a 60ish, 40ish and 30ish mile options. Being on the re-birth of the ride post CoVid social distancing is interesting. Some people still have reservations about meeting in person. And that is okay. I know where my level of risk is and I am able to respect those peoples wishes and meet virtually to accomindate their concerns and still have them particpate in a meaningful matter. Back to the ride, right now the plan is the Bike Collective leads the ride and we will take on other board memebers for the ride as it gains momentum and speed. I know we picked up two more board memebers this week from Cedar Valley Trail Partnership. They will provide the insurance and other things for a sucessful ride. There is talk of an actual band playing at the final formal stop (Not the finish) of the r
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Musing about Afghanistan

 Post 28:    I have not posted for awhile.  That is mainly due to me not feeling like I had anything to communicate.  Today's post is 100% selfish on my part, and I am often asked about my opinion as a Combat Veteran about Afghanistan and the current closing of that chapter in America.     I will start from the  beginning.  I enlisted into the Army Reserve to a unit in Canandaigua NY in 1998.  On my way to basic training in August, I woke up at the hotel in Buffalo, NY.   This was the day I left for Basic Training.  The news that morning was the Embassy being bombings in Africa.  Months later, I graduated AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, and we were bombing radar stations in Iraq.      The next few years were quite as I recall, minus the Kosovo bombing campaigns we ran in 1999 to stop the genocides.  Next, the USS Cole bombing occurred a few months before I graduated ROTC.  I graduated college May of 2001.  I was honestly thinking, USSR was no more, we appear to have a lot of peace keepin

Sufferfest vs Zwift vs Trainer Road and all my thoughts

     Post #27: I am going there, and it may make only sense to me.  First, I am going to start off with the statement, each rider is different, and each cyclist wants and pursues a different goal.  So as I write this, I am writing from my needs and perspective.  I am providing my opinions based upon my experiences.        It all started in the winter of 2017 around Thanksgiving.  I bought a Elite Dirteo ERG trainer.  I then searched for a training software that did not require a internet connection.  I did not have internet service in my house till the pandemic.  I needed a platform that could run without an internet connection.  Sufferfest filled this requirement.  I could down load up to 6 or 8 work outs at a time, and run them on demand later.       As time went on, I noticed that my efforts were intense and the race footage and music in the videos really did keep me  engaged.  I completed the longest sufferfest video called the Kitchen Sink, it is 2 hours and 59 minutes in length.

Going for Beer Ride

 Post #26: Tammy and I are going for a late (for us) morning ride of gravel from Waverly to Charles City.  The route is mostly gravel and with a Charles City  beer  stop.       This leads to me talk about my route creations.  Well it is no secret that I am on the board of directors for the Sterile Iowan .  I watched Dangerous Dan create his route based on a river valley.  Since then I have done the same for a few of my rides.  It is pretty genius concept to follow the river.  A few reasons as to why it is genius.  The first reason is that almost guarantees you passing through a town that has a C-Store.  Secondly, it will give you hills to ride as you go up and down the river valley walls.  Lastly, it creates a course with a lot of turns and twists, and that in of it self breaks up the grid square riding Iowa gravel is known for.           So Saturday we ride, and we ride back.  Simple things like to get a beer are to be prized during these COVID times, delta be dammed. In closing, the

Saturday Vinton Cartoon's

  Post #25: At 5:25am I picked up Guitar Ted.  He was on his porch waiting for the Subie to pull up.  Tammy was already driving down to Vinton.  We loaded Guitar Ted's bike, and we left for Vinton, about a 30 minute drive south of Waterloo on HWY 218.       We arrived in Vinton and parked, we assembled the group, and rolled out about 6:20am.  As we headed north from Vinton, the river and wet lands were emitting a cold fog in the air.  As the sun rose in the morning sky, it dissipated.  We motored out on 5 miles of pavement till we finely hit the gravel.       We went north just above Urbana then worked our way to Center Point.  We passed Cox Cemetery and followed the river on top of a ridge till we descended and we transitioned Missouri  crossing.       I did get a lot of my Veloveiwer squares poked on this ride.  I did a few intentional pokes, while GT and Tammy waited for me.  With that said we rolled into Center Point and visited the large Casey's that has a McDonald's a

Wahoo and Kuat

 Post #24:  I am stepping into another area of the bloggersphere.  I recently had a product issue with my Wahoo Roam and I purchased a Kuat Sherpa bike rack.       I bought a Wahoo Roam in 2020 I believe on April 1st or 2nd.  It has been well over a year since the purchase when I had an issue.  I went out for a road ride on a hot sunny Sunday.  Mid ride I saw a blind spot develop about the size of two pencil erasers in the bottom right.  It was so low in the bottom right I was not annoyed by it at first.  Two rides later, I was extremely annoyed by it.  I sent an email to Wahoo support.  They answered my complaint ticket, verified date of purchase, verified my mailing address, and I sent pictures of the issue.     Wahoo Support sent my a shipping label a day later.  I boxed up the old unit and shipped it back.  The following morning I was sent a notification of a replacement unit shipping notice.  I had a new unit in my hands in 1.5 weeks from the time of the complaint ticket being fil

Monday No Drop Gravel?

 Post #23:   Looking for feedback.  I stopped doing Monday No drop Gravel with the introduction of COVID.  With that time I went on to do yoga on Monday's.  Life is changing again, and now I need an easy Monday ride vs Hot Yoga.        With that back ground information, i am revisiting the idea of bringing back gravel rides leaving from Cedar Falls on Monday nights at 6pm.  It will be the same format as in the past, ride to the groups ability and expect a beginner friendly pace.  The ride is intended to be 1 to 1.5 hours in duration.      If we start this up again, it would be after labor day.  I know some people have already requested i started this up again, but I am wondering if there is a reason not too???? Cheers and Godspeed