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    Post #11:  Let the voting begin.  

Option#1 We will either ride the 3/4 of Blackhawk County and end the downtown Waterloo at Anton's Biergarden.  Stop #1 is Rocket's in LPC (Donuts), then Casey's in Jesup, then 40ish miles to the finish of Anton's.

Option #2  We go to Garwin, which is the land of lemonade.  Way more climbing, a stop at Garwin Gas Station, and stop at Treat BP gas station, no real social afterwards.

Your vote may or not matter, but hey I am giving a perceived choice :)


  1. I like the concept of a post-ride party and for that reason I’d choose option #1

    However, I also like the concept of riding to garwin and would most likely choose that one if it had a post-ride meetup.

    It’s your ride, but the starting location with option #2 could technically be shifted a few miles to downtown Hudson. I think a few bars are there too? A thought.

    I’ll adapt to either option, both are fine choices.


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