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Since I did a wrtite up on Sufferfest, it has since morphed into Wahoo SYSTM. Here are list of my thoughts: - I do not like the removal of the passport (history log). I could filter by workouts and compare previous efforts easily. Now one must search a calendar. - I do like the calendar, I can pre-plan a week of workouts and pin them to the days I want them. - I do not like how they removed a lot of endurance and other classic Sufferfest videos. I am not sure how many videos are gone, but it feels like a third are removed. What happened to Norway??? - I do like the training plans, it is better than the previous Training Peaks. Still not as good as trainer road, but still a good improvement. - I do not like their pictures inside the app. Seriously I open up the app evertime and I see a picture of a woman who I can not tell if she is gasping for air, screaming in not good pain, or laughing. The photo actually makes me feel weird everytime. The other photos are fine, but that one just weirds me out. Listening to their podcast Wahoo SYSTM, she is evidently connected with Wahoo somehow as a SME. Nothing personal towards her, it is just not a good marketing photo. - I do like the week with concept. Hopefully that grows, I would like a week with Peter Sagan or MVP, or even George Hincapie. - I do not like the waterdown feel of the app. It is more sterile and the humor is generic. My guess is it is the sign of the times. There is a time and place for everything, and warped humor and Type A humor is okay on the trainer me thinks. Motitvation via humor was good for me. - The Yoga did not change much, a few more classes popped up. - I think they are going after Tri-atheletes with this app, as there is a running and swimming section. Overall, Wahoo SYSTM is my prefrence over the other two rivals. Zwift was not pushing me, and Trainer Road could not keep me engaged. In the end, a bad training plan that you do is better than a great training plan you avoid. Thank You and Godspeed Dave


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 Post #6: 100 Mile Ride Notice for 24 Apr at 6am . - 6am, meet at Fletcher & Sergeant bike path. (Across the street from Kwik Star) - Mostly Gravel like 70+ miles - You are responsible for you. - Stops: Greene, Clarksville, Janesville. Route:  98.6 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava
    Post #7:. Thursday night mix up.  4/29 @5:45 we will ride some bushwhacker stuff.  I strongly encourage a smile and a mountain bike or something wider than 2.0".  Trust me, this will be fun, maybe....... So suit up and bring your smiley face to Pfiefer park.  
Post #3:  Silly things cyclist say.  Tammy and I went for a gravel ride.  While on the ride, Tammy made a comment about how he was "Overbiked" in contrast to my bike.  The "Overbiked" and "Underbiked" comments and usage have always made me look at people weirdly.  Tammy's usage was fine, he was commenting on his own equipment and making a comparison to himself.  Often times when I hear those phrases it is another person, providing their opinion to another to what they should ride.  I find that to be rude and absurd.  The person making the comment is making a lot of assumptions.  And really the only person whom it matters to is the rider.  Let people ride what they want to an extent.  I can see reasons for regulating bikes styles and genres if you are Pro.  But for the remainder of us recreational riders, who really cares?   Making those comments often turn other people off, and give even more credence as to why cycling is bourgeoise activity.        If