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Upkeep and Giving Back.

As cyclist we do enjoy a lot of liberties the average bear does not get to have.  We ride our bikes on the tarmac, gravel, dirt, and snow.  We sometimes get special land use permits and go where others have to work harder to go to.  We can see awe inspiring things, in less time than it would take to hike or walk in.  I have shared bike paths with ATVs in Canada (yes dual use).  Shared bike paths with horses in Missouri, and as always if a bike is allowed, generally there is a pedestrian or runner about.  In most bike environments, we are the item that can do the most damage, and with eBikes coming more common, that weight of the pedal unit will only increase and we will cause more damage. So when it comes to our infrastructure we have that is car-less and we are the larger threat to others, it behooves us to take care of it.  So locally we had a washout on the bike path in George Wyth SP, it has been left repaired for about 3 or 4 years now.  Money was allocated to repairing it, then more floods hit, then the money went unused and went elsewhere.  A effort exists to push more private funding for the repair, and this is my feeble attempt and helping that effort.  Other people are doing the large muscle movements, I am just chirping and posting a link.  And if you ever see Roger White's pint glass low, buy him another beer.  That man does a lot of behind scenes work to keep what we have here in the Cedar Valley better than it was yesterday.  So without further adieu follow this link and consider donating.  Join / Donate | Cedar Trails Partnership



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